Welcome to Expert Tutoring!

Helping our students reach their full potential through Comprehensive Tutoring, Test Preparation and / or College Guidance.

Mission Statement

Expert Tutoring and College Counseling's dedicated staff of professionals, most with advanced degrees and certifications in specific subject areas, is committed to assisting our students reach their full potential through comprehensive tutoring, test preparation, and/or college guidance.  Aware of and responsive to the ever changing needs of our student population, Expert Tutoring and College Counseling offers on-site educational and learning assessments, diagnosis, individualized instruction and remediation.  Teachers, curriculum, methodology and instruction are all focused on maximizing the learning experience and academic performance of our students.  In turn, Expert students become knowledgeable about their learning requirements and subject matter, developing essential skills and confidence that lead to success in school and in life. 

What We Offer

At Expert Tutoring and College Counseling, we prepare students for all 3 areas of the SAT I test, any SAT II subject test, the ACT, all entrance exams such as ISEE / SSAT / Catholic HS Entrance Exam and / or any school subject.  We also prepare our older students for the following: GMAT, GRE, LSAT and MCAT. Our special workshops include: Prep for NJ ASK; Prep for Terra Nova; Prep for CAT; Intense Writing Workshop; Intense Math Prep Workshop; Literature Workshop.

Tutoring and Test Prep

A specially tailored program will be developed based on the needs of the individual student to improve his / her performance on standardized tests.

Summer Enrichment

The purpose of these classes is to help your student get a head start in the subject of his/her choice.

Academic Screening

An academic screening is available to determine students' grade level performance in reading, math, and written language.

Private Academic Coach

As an Academic Coach, a tutor will help the student recognize how he / she best learns and operates in an academic environment.

College Counseling

This unique service guides parents and students through the grueling college admissions process with a highly individualized approach.

Career & Resume Building

Let us look over your resume and prepare you for future interviews through our coaching sessions.1