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Our college counseling services will help you create a personalized academic and extracurricular plan throughout high school so you can submit outstanding college applications that highlight your unique experiences and talents. Along the way, you will discover college programs that are best suited for you and your higher-education goals. Maximize your chance of acceptance at schools that sit at the top of your list!

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Our most comprehensive package allows

the student to apply to up to 20 colleges.

Meet with your college counselor

10 hours per year (8th - 10th grades)

and unlimited hours (11th & 12th grades).

For a full description of the Gold Package,

please contact us by phone or email. 


This package allows students to apply to up to 10 colleges. 

Meet with your college counselor for

5 hours per year (8th - 11th grades)

and 16 hours (12th grade). 

For a full description of the Silver Package,

please contact us by phone or email. 

School Application
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You and your student create your own package. 

For a full description of A La Carte services,

please contact us by phone or email.

*Some counselors do not offer this package.


Our teams guide students with learning differences 

through the college selection process.

We will provide our student with a variety of admission options, from colleges that offer special LD applications, to schools that actively recruit LD applicants. Most importantly, we will compile a list of colleges that satisfies the student’s interests, talents, and support needs.

For a full description of the LD Package,

please contact us by phone or email. 

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Once a student accepts his or her offer of admission, he or she may need more guidance. Our college counselors can assist students with anything from filling out housing questionnaires to choosing first semester courses.

*Per hour rates apply.


Figure out the best path for your student with our Career Coach, Jenn Rutha. This package is for students who are indecisive about a career path or who generally know what they would like to do but are unsure of which major will best help them get there. 

First session: Discuss potential majors and career tracks based on student’s interests and strengths.

Jenn will provide a Career Assessment test

to be completed between sessions.

Second session: Review results and findings from the career assessment. Discuss majors and careers based on innate motivation, interests and strengths.

Third session: Meet with parents and student to discuss findings and next steps.

Fourth session: Follow up meeting for further questions. 

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