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 An academic screening is available for students to determine overall functioning in reading, math, and written language. This assessment provides insight into the academic performance of the student and indicates the areas of strengths and weaknesses the student displays.

For those students who are struggling in one or more academic areas, the screening defines the nature of the problem and determines whether the student is "at risk" for future learning problems. It is also an indicator whether a more comprehensive evaluation is necessary.

Catherine Saum is Orton-Gillingham certified and uses her training to aid students in breaking down the language used on standardized testing, such as the SAT or ACT test. She works with students on their writing as well. Catherine is also a certified Language-based learning disabilities specialist. She has many students at various levels with whom she works and adapts to their needs.

Expert Tutoring's Orton-Gillingham Program with Certified Instructors

  • Does your child have difficulty sounding out words?

  • Does your child have trouble with spelling?

  • Does your child struggle with reading comprehension?

  • Do you know that when your child says” "I don’t like reading,” (s)he may actually be saying, "Reading is too hard for me?”

Let Expert Tutoring teach your child essential knowledge of the "Code,” frequently recurring spelling patterns, Greek and Latin etymology and the Joy of reading fluently and successfully.

Our Orton Gillingham-certified teachers will identify and remediate your child’s particular area of weakness, through targeted multisensory, structured, sequential and research based-instruction.

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