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Private Tutor

Sara Levin is a certified childhood general and special education teacher. She has over ten years of teaching and tutoring experience with students in New York City public and private schools. She has worked with students from kindergarten through ninth grade in all subject areas and standardized test preparation such as ISEE and SSAT. Before entering the education field, Sara worked in media and advertising for four years, working with Fox Searchlight and Sony Pictures Entertainment clients. Outside of teaching, Sara loves spending time with her family, traveling, reading, and being active outdoors.

A former Expert Tutoring and College Counseling student herself, Sara loves getting to know her students' interests and strengths, understanding each of their challenges, and learning how to meet their individual needs best. She looks forward to meeting new students and helping to make their education experiences positive and rewarding.

Sara Levin Expert Tutoring Wyckoff NJ
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