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Private Tutor

Kris earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Nyack College in Counseling / Psychology with minors in Literature and Mathematics. Following the birth of her children, she returned to the classroom to continue her education at Alliance Seminary. Her passion for education found its expression in the founding and development of the Wyckoff Christian Preschool in her hometown of Wyckoff, NJ. Additionally, the extensive work she has done with teens in various youth organizations has made Kris an asset to our team at Expert Tutoring and College Counseling. 

Kris has been at Expert Tutoring & College Counseling since 2005. She has taught various subjects to a wide array of learners, ranging from middle school children to collegiate adults. With a love for helping students gain independence in their abilities, Kris enjoys watching the bricks of a solid educational foundation take shape. Kris is one of our most popular tutors here at Expert Tutoring and College Counseling. Kris is also one of our writing mentors and has helped many students with college applications and essays.

Kris Boucher Expert Tutoring Wyckoff NJ
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