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Private Tutor
Academic Coach

Erin Perna has been working at Expert Tutoring and College Counseling since graduating from Villanova University in 2011. Throughout her high school and college careers, Erin spent many winter and spring breaks traveling to volunteer at the James R. Ganley School in Juarez, Mexico.

In 2016 Erin decided to transition into a full-time role at Expert Tutoring and College Counseling. She tutors all subjects K-8. In addition, Erin tutors many high school students in English. She also prepares students for the English and Reading sections of the SAT and ACT. 

In August of 2022 Erin completed the Graduate Dyslexia Certificate Program through the University of Florida. Erin can conduct and interpret effective literacy assessments and design and implement evidence-based literacy intervention for students with dyslexia in K-12 settings.

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