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School Psychologist
Licensed Counselor

Debbi Strauss provides IQ and psychological/educational testing and pediatric, young adult, and parent counseling within Expert Tutoring and College Counseling's suite of offices in Wyckoff, NJ. She is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist and Licensed Professional Counselor with an Ed.D. in K-12 Public School Administration. Debbi currently serves as the Director of Special Services for the Hanover Park Regional High School District. Prior to her current assignment, she served as the Supervisor of Special Education and School Psychologist for the Saddle River Pre-K-5 School District. Debbi possesses over twenty years of experience in counseling, school psychology, and special education. Her areas of expertise include a psychological evaluation, Gifted and Talented IQ testing, childhood and adolescent disabilities and problems, school difficulties, learning disabilities, study and organizational skills strategies, friendship and social interaction skills, assistive technology for students, and transition to college for students with disabilities. Debbi’s appointment schedule is very flexible, with evening and weekend hours available.

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