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Private Chemistry Tutor

Beth Jorgensen has been working with Expert Tutoring and College Counseling since 2005. After receiving her undergraduate degree in Chemistry from Franklin & Marshall College at the age of 20, she obtained a Masters of Science in Metallurgical Engineering from the Henry Krumb School of Engineering at Columbia University. During graduate school, Beth interned at Ford Motor Company and the Rouge River Steel Plant in Dearborn, Michigan. After graduate school, Beth worked for eight years for Exxon Engineering. Highlights of her career included materials specifications for the Rotterdam Flexicoker project in the Netherlands and Materials Liaison for NMP licensees.

A mother of four, Beth is familiar with varied learning styles and tailors her Chemistry sessions to accommodate the individual needs of each student. She jokes that she "has to have the right Chemistry" with her students but is seriously committed to fostering a solid foundation for future success. Instruction in all high school chemistry levels (Regular, College Prep, Honors, AP) is offered. 

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