Tutoring & Test Prep

Our services at Expert Tutoring and College Counseling provide comprehensive strategic consultations in order to increase a student's chances of gaining admission into their first choice schools. We strictly limit the number of students we mentor through the process and require serious commitment from these students in order to successfully execute our suggestions and plans. In order for us to determine if your child is a candidate for our services, please contact the College Counseling department at 201-891-5575. Someone will get back to you and explain how to proceed.

How we can help

At Expert Tutoring and College Counseling, our specialists have devised proven methods to help your child be successful. They provide their students with the best resources possible and by assessing individual needs and create a plan of action to maximize your child’s potential. In addition to constantly introducing our students to test-taking tips, our specialists give them the necessary skills to inherently understand the test. It is this combination that helps our students build the confidence they need so they can succeed.

Online Tutoring

Our tutoring specialists are now available to students all over the nation. Skype tutoring is a convenient option for self-motivated students who may be away at boarding school or limited by a demanding sport’s schedule.

We also offer online courses for students to take during the summer months. Our Intensive Online Summer Writing Course has become very popular and is a great way to keep students active in their academics during their time off from school. Click here to see a brochure.


"I would not be where I am today without the help of Expert Tutoring. Throughout my high school career, my tutors helped me every step of the way. From writing last-minute essays to SAT tutoring, I always knew who to call to help me get the job done. Over the past four years, Expert Tutoring became my second home and the staff became family. My tutors were my support group. They stuck by me on my lows (even when I gave them a hard time with doing my SAT prep work) and celebrated with my on my successes. Most importantly, Expert Tutoring did not just guide me through high school, it taught me many skills and tricks to help me succeed on my own."
-Marissa D, Kinnelon, NJ (Student)