Private Summer Enrichment Classes

The purpose of these classes is to help your student get a head start in the subject of his / her choice. We teach your student material covered the first few months of school and provide him / her with foundational skills to tackle problem subjects.
Due to high demand, all private classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Algebra Skills Brush-Up

Designed to help students understand the basic structure of algebra and acquire proficiency in applying algebraic concepts and skills. Graphing calculators are used as a tool to assist in problem solving and to enhance the understanding of functions, graphs, equations, and inequalities. Topics include: functions; equations, inequalities, and word problems in one and two variables; systems of equations and inequalities; statistics; polynomials; quadratic equations; and problem solving.

Geometry Foundation

Geometry classes are designed to provide a sequence of topics which ensures thorough treatment of standard geometry skills and concepts. Opportunities are provided for students to gain an appreciation of the structure of geometry, to develop powers of spatial visualization, and to appreciate the need for clarity and precision of language in mathematics. The course develops the logic of geometry, helping students to justify conclusions based on geometric definitions, theorems, and postulates.

Algebra II

Advance preparation that will cover the first three months of material and give the student a solid foundation in that subject.

Pre Calculus

Advance preparation that will cover the first three months of material and give the student a solid foundation in that subject.

Literary Analysis / Expository Writing

This program will revolve around the critical analysis of various literary works. Readings will include essays, short stories, novels, poetry and plays by authors such as Orwell, Joyce, Faulkner, Wordsworth and Shakespeare. The student will become trained in reading a variety of text with a critical eye. Topics to be covered include: identifying themes, tones and allusions; analyzing character development and flaws; and a general interpretation and evaluation of the work.

These sessions will also include a writing component. This will be based on the principles of writing an expository essay. Topics to be included: thesis development, paper organization, writing a strong introduction, and constructing comprehensive supporting arguments based on the text. Students will learn to write a interesting, unified, organized, coherent essays that take voice, audience and purpose into account.

The goal of this program is to help prepare students for the Critical Reading and Writing portions of the SAT along with helping them develop skills that will benefit them not only throughout high school, but also into college and beyond.

Language Rules! Workshop

You might not know that at least 50% of the English language is derived from Latin, and 10% from Greek, but your student will if (s)he attends our Language Rules! Workshop. Designed to enhance vocabulary acquisition, reading comprehension and meaning-based learning, (4) 75 minute tutorials focus on the structure, organization and logic of the English language with particular emphasis on recurring Latin and Greek prefixes, roots and suffixes. Through interactive exercises and materials, students learn the most common roots as well as the twenty prefixes and twenty suffixes that occur more than 90% of the time in printed English. Students have fun rethinking the English language, and approaching vocabulary building as a natural linguistic process, not as an isolated memorization activity.