College Counseling Packages

Our unique and exclusive college counseling packages are for students who want to start assessing their collegiate options as early as possible. Packages can include up to 4 full years of college counseling, completely eliminating stress from the college admissions process.

The Freshman

This package starts right before your student enters freshman year and continues until the college acceptances are in. Our experienced team of private college counselors will be available to your student, and will assist him/her through every part of the admissions process.

The Sophomore / Junior

If your student is unable to sign up freshman year but finds that he / she needs counseling as a sophomore or junior, our counselors are available to work with a student at any point during his/her high school years. Once a student signs up for our services, he/she is provided with unlimited private counseling to ensure a strategic plan is developed to optimize a student's opportunities. All counseling packages include all aspects of the college application process including essay assistance and editing services. 

The Addition:

Once your student is accepted to a college, we also offer several add on packages to assist with financial aid negotiations, and final preparations for college. This allows you to have the ultimate support team by your side and helps to make that dreaded "year of college admissions" less stressful.

A free no obligation meet and greet is offered to your student once the student survey has been completed. Please note: A survey will be sent to you upon request.