College Counseling for Athletes

Expert Tutoring helps AthletesThis package is designed to provide comprehensive advising for the prospective college athlete, and includes all of the services offered in the corresponding advising packages for non-athletes. In addition to the services offered in the standard packages, in the Student-Athlete Package, we will:

  • Discuss NCAA rules and regulations relating to recruiting, including college visits and contact with coaches.
  • Assist students in preparing athletic resumes and refer student to athletic recruiting video production companies/individuals.
  • Advise students on initiating and managing contact with coaches.
  • Help student in weighing various admissions offers and in the decision-making process after offers of admission have been extended.

In the case of student-athletes, the Junior-Senior Student-Athlete Package is the most effective way for us to work with students; Junior Year and the summer before Senior Year are critical times for student-athletes. It is important to develop and put into place a strategy for managing the recruiting process.

Sports Tapes for Athletes

We can have your child’s sports highlights tape created by a professional.


As educators and parents, we at Expert Tutoring and College Counseling understand first hand how difficult it can be for the student-athlete to find free time to prepare for the SAT. We'd like to help by offering a comprehensive 10 week, 20 hour group course covering all aspects of the SAT

The Jumpstart program tailored to the student-athlete, offers:
  • Specialized approaches to the SAT Reading, Writing and Math sections
  • A variety of multisensory learning strategies
  • Time management tips
  • Memory and study skills
  • Math drills
  • Reading comprehension strategies
  • Tools to boost vocabulary skills
  • Writing and essay techniques
The program will teach student-athletes all the tools they need to conquer the standardized testing game!