About Us

The tutors at Expert Tutoring pride themselves on the achievements of the students that have passed through the offices over the last twenty years. Based upon the need of the individual student, a specially tailored program can be developed to improve their performance. With the development of the new SAT I test*, Expert Tutoring has created new methods to help the students succeed.

At Expert Tutoring & College Counseling, we believe that building the confidence of teens today is vital. We want your child to walk with confidence into the testing and college selection process, knowing that they have done their best to prepare.

Expert Tutoring offers tutoring for students of all ages and grade levels. Whatever the subject, Expert Tutoring, will match your child up with one of our highly qualified tutors. Our tutors are not only dedicated to helping your child succeed but also make sure that they enjoy the learning process.

Expert Tutoring successfully provides students with individually tailored programs so that they may catch up, keep up, and get ahead in their studies. Students enrolled in our programs quickly find themselves achieving their goals and reaching their academic potential.

We currently have FOUR locations:

Expert Tutoring and College Counseling in Wyckoff, NJ – (201) 891-5575
Expert Tutoring and College Counseling in Ridgewood, NJ - (201) 891-5575
Academic Coaching and College Counseling in Westchester, NY
Academic Coaching and College Counseling in Englewood, NJ